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Welcome to Beyond Designs!

Your Source for Unique and
Sustainable Home Decor!

Established in March 2020, Beyond Designs has evolved into a
premier online destination for those seeking to infuse their living spaces with
personality and style. While we once specialized in interior design, however our
focus has now shifted exclusively to curating and offering a wide range of
exquisite decor items and accessories that cater to diverse tastes and

At Beyond Designs, our mission remains unaltered: to turn your
interior dreams into reality through stunning decor. Each décor piece should be
a reflection of your unique personality, ensuring your space stands out in
every way.

In our online store, you'll discover an array of minimalist,
sustainable, and contemporary pieces, many of which are handwoven to infuse
your space with a warm, homey feel. Whether you're on the hunt for a new living
room center piece or a charming addition to your kitchen, Beyond Designs has you

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to express yourself
through your living space. We firmly believe that everyone should have the
opportunity to transform their house into a unique and inviting home. With our
carefully curated selection, we provide the inspiration and the tools to
achieve just that.

Beyond Designs is not just another decor brand; we are a
testament to the fusion of beauty and sustainability. Our handcrafted products
are meticulously created using natural materials, ensuring that each piece is a
work of art in itself. From intricately woven baskets to delicate vases and
everything in between, our collection promises to ignite your creativity and
elevate your decor game.

So, take a step beyond the ordinary and explore the
captivating world of Beyond Designs today. Let us help you transform your
living spaces into showcases of your unique style and values.

Discover a world of minimalistic, sustainable, and beautiful
contemporary decor pieces that speak to your heart and soul, only at Beyond
Designs. Your home deserves nothing less than the extraordinary.

Kerri-lee Wanckel

owner | designer | creative

I have been in the interior design industry for over 8 years, and have a passion for helping people create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect their unique style. 

I believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are. This website is all about helping to make that possible, with beautiful handcrafted decor. Allowing you to make the finishing touches within your home.

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