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Why is an Interior Designer Important

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A big question most new clients, who aren’t aware of the role an Interior Designer plays, will ask is:

Why is an Interior Designer important?

Most will make use of an Architect and an Interior Decorator depending on the project and what is required by a client.
Architects are immensely valuable but are not always necessary if the client requires only minimal structural changes. An Interior Designer in this instance would be a great fit as we are capable of making these structural changes and often have a trusted design team to assist with this. We will help transform your spaces functionally and make sure the flow and movement through a space is workable as well as assist in making the space beautiful and suited to your personal needs.
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When a project consists of a completely newly built home or requires extensive renovations an Architect is necessary and will lead the project, however, an Interior Designer should still be brought on board, as often times the Architect has to look at the full picture of a big project and the Interior Designer can offer support by focusing on the smaller details. A good team would consist of an Architect and Interior Designer working hand in hand to ensure your dream home becomes a reality. With the Architect focusing on the project as a whole and the overall design, the Interior Designer focuses on the small details and transforming the interior spaces of your home.
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Some clients only require a decorator for their space transformations. A decorator will assist with the flow of a space and the functionality, as well as making the space beautiful and suited to your needs. A decorator would not be able to assist with approvals or structural changes to a space, they may advise during a project when working with an Architect and be involved in the design process but a Decorator’s expertise are better suited to your colour scheme and space planning.
Sometimes with an extensive transformation for an entire house where no structural renovation is taking place an Interior Designer and Decorator may work together to achieve the best outcome for their client.
Each profession has its strengths in the skills that they are great at. The important thing for you to know is when and where those strengths are needed.
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Interior Design is important when starting a project to build a new home or renovate your home because an Interior Designer will think of the big and small picture and consider the overall project. Most Interior Designers are exceptionally good at project managing your entire project for you. We work well with the team required for the project from the Architect through to the building team and more. We are able to provide you with a clear vision for your project and ensure the space, flow and functionality throughout your home will work well. We are also great at putting together entire colour schemes and finishes for a project as well as furniture and décor.
There are often small details forgotten about in the simplest of spaces. For example, maximizing the view within your lounge but making sure there are no obstructions within the space. If you already have an open plan space but it just isn’t working quite right, we would look at the space and plan accordingly to make the flow work within that open space but also ensure your areas feel inviting and not sparse.
In older houses the areas were all sectioned off and with the latest design trends an open plan home is more welcoming. We would look at this as a whole and take into consideration load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls (Load-bearing walls are structural walls that support the roof trusses or upper story, it’s basic function is to bear the load of structures above it and disperse the weight down into the foundation.), we would suggest where and how to open up a space.
We hope this helps clarify why an Interior Designer is so important. Sometimes it may seem a costly option at first but in the long run well worth it. Sometimes not costly at all as we would be able to advise what other professions may or may not be necessary.
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